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Regard sur les regards d’hier (extrait)

Photographer Jean-Gabriel Bouchaud, collects photographs taken between 1839 and 1871.
By sharing his collection dating from the very beginnings of photography, he demonstrates, with humor and passion, the birth of a new "technology" .

This film reflects on the act of photography, and teases our mind on what it means to take a picture, what is History, and what are the esthetics and the technicity of this very special art.

Regard sur les regards d’hier, 2006, Documentary, 4/3, DV-pal, stéréo 48khz, 52’
Camera and editing Virginie Houdet, camera Musée d’Orsay, Daniel Deleforges, Sound mixing Pascal Stevans

Production manager, Catherine Tréfousse Lilith Production; Associated Production, Riff International Production, © virginie Houdet

Regard sur les regards d’hier, Jean-Gabriel Bouchaud