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Cards deck

The cards I painted is a franco-english 54 cards deck with 2 different patterns for the back.
Every card is an original watercolor and ink drawing. Limited edition to 250, numbered.
French & English speaking people can play together!

I had these Double/Bridge decks manufactured by the Cards specialist in France, so they are nice to play with...
Nice touch and flexibility.
300gr Corona cardboard, the decks are cellophane wrapped.

You can buy them here
They are available too at The French Playing Card Museum, at Musée la Piscine in Roubaix, at the shop Le bridgeur in Paris, etc...


A little houseboat called "la maison flottante" has been remodelled by architects from Brittany and is a residency for artists of the CNEAI (National Center of Art & Images print edition) which is on the island..
I saw that this little house was empty... and it made me dream...
The way to access a living there was to propose an artwork project related to printing edition.
The idea of the cards deck reappeared all of a sudden in my head and i applied for this floating house’s residency.
I didn’t get it but I got the kick to begin these cards... and I thank the CNEAI a lot for that ! I LIKE TO PLAY WITH COLORS TOO… Colors allow to express feelings, things we can’t say, invisible emotion...
I learned how to play with colors according to Paul Klee’s method. Making colored squares, I used these to begin the first cards, the diamonds.
Then i searched the shapes for the spades, the hearts and the clubs.
I wanted to practice watercolor too. This time, I left gouache.
In an arbitrarily framework, I let me go. "It is what is happening which becomes visible" says Klee.
Sometimes harmony is not just,revealing the passage of time just like playing cards...
It is a refuge, a mere pretext. MEETING MASKS IN TOSCANY, with Matteo Destro, led me to face portrait’s drawing.
Little clay heads belong to a search for faces plans. Then i looked more at the eyes, the two eyes which are never the same, the noses, the mouths, the ears, the headdresses... in the subway and in painting too.
Using the same watercolor brush, indian ink as fluid as watercolor, allowed to affirm the gesture, nearly unequivocally.
An attempt to link the unsaid behind what is said...
Dark black without any nuance towards water colors,
abstract to figurative.
This serie required an intensive work with the computer for these playing cards to exist. You can buy a deck of cards
here Paris, 2017" rel="galerie">